The South Huntington Educational Foundation provides the resources and funding to assist students and staff of the South Huntington School District to realize their fullest potential and achieve success. 

The goal of SHEF is to work with the entire community, with emphasis on the students, parents and local businesses to assist with the funding of projects and programs that support and enhance the district’s initiatives in all areas, including but not limited to the arts, sciences, and technology.  This will provide the innovative tools students need to be college and career ready, creating the leaders of tomorrow.  

SHEF is a not-for-profit 501c(3) established in 1994 that provides both resources and funding to assist the more than 6,000 students and staff throughout the South Huntington UFSD.

Projects for Innovation and Enhancement

SHEF has set aside funds to underwrite Projects for Innovation and Enhancement Program is designed to provide staff members with the opportunity to design, plan, implement and evaluate activities to:

  • Facilitate student development
  • Encourage excellence through creative learning
  • Promote community and school partnerships


Projects must relate to or be an extension of the district’s initiatives or foundation’s mission.  They can include but are not limited to:

  • Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Mathematics
  • the Arts
  • Scholastic Enhancement
  • Professional Development
  • Multi-Cultural Experiences

Awards will be made for activities and resources to supplement existing programs.  Grants cannot be in the form of a stipend to a staff member.  Grant awards will range between $100-$500. Please include an estimate/quote with your application to support the requested funds that outlines cost of materials, shipping, etc.


Mission/Purpose Addressed:

Briefly list the mission/goal/purpose(s) being addressed by the proposed activity.

Specific Project Objectives:

Be very clear regarding the exact purpose of the project, stating the focus of each goal and what it will accomplish.

Plan of Action:

The action plan should reflect the procedure you will follow in planning, implementing and evaluating the project.  

Program Demographics:

List the number of students, Wildcat faculty and community, and any other participants who will take part in the program.


Note specific dates and times your project will run. 

Potential for Impact:

Speak to the “difference” you feel the program will make in the personal/professional lives of your targeted group.


Be clear and specific outlining how the requested grant funds will be spent and allocated. 

Additional Resources:  

Be sure to list other resources needed for your project.


  1. Review your application and estimated quote with your building Principal to confirm funds cannot be completed via building budget.

  1. Additionally, confirm with your building Principal that these funds cannot be supported with the district budget either.

  1. CLICK HERE to complete your application via Google Form no later than Thursday, November 10, 2022.

  1. A review committee will evaluate the proposal and will submit recommendations to the Board of Trustees.  Upon approval of the Board of Trustees, funds will be announced and provided for the project.

If you have any questions regarding the P.I.E. program or application process, contact SHEF Chairwoman, Sheila Buhse at or by calling 631-812-3018.

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